On 24th of April, the Kuala Lumpur Malay Chamber of Commerce (KLMCC) in collaboration with Tamilnadu has organized an event, Vibrant Tamilnadu Food Expo and Summit 2018. This event was led by the Kuala Lumpur Malay Chamber of Commerce as one of the organizers. This event was held in order to share information on various topics for the consumers in food industries. More than 10 companies have participate to promote their different types of food products.

Tamilnadu is well-known as one of the biggest producers of agro-products in India. Moreover, most of the local food products are imported from India, including the basic spices, traditional foods, and tasty snacks. There are various types of Indian food and it is one of the significant food in Malaysia. By organizing this event, it helps the consumers to share their thoughts or ideas on handling their problem with the suppliers.

On the other hand, the food expo is also set out by KLMCC as to gather the feedback on the food industry as to improve understanding of innovation. In other words, as to explain the strategy in trading with other suppliers. For example, the traders from Tamilnadu has good influences as their product is widely used in our country. As mentioned by one of the presenters, about their ghee products which are saleable in Malaysia as the product contains high-quality ingredients. Ghee is one of the well-known trading products in our country as we share almost the same kind of cuisines with India in Malaysia. We Malaysian consume ghee in several traditional dishes. In addition, there are many new things that can be shared together such as about the latest technological development in agricultural or foods processing.

Overall, the expo is an international platform to grow their business. Through this event, those companies can share their specialties and have mutual benefits so that it would help widen the economic placement in our country. As we know, in business there are ups and downs that the traders face, but by having this kind of event meeting with the suppliers and discussing their company trade would improve the understanding between the traders itself. This expo also includes the business meeting regarding their food product’s profits and losses. Nevertheless, this food expo does not only trades food but also focus on other areas like cultures and languages among Indian people. Internationally as the visitors also come from different races and nationalities.