Seminar on “Halal Logistic”

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Agenda : Seminar on “Halal Logistic”

 Date : 30 November 2016

Venue : Menara Matrade


The concept of halal can be applied to all and not meant for Muslims only. Therefore, when there is a need for halal products definitely it means creating new and more business for producers, suppliers, and others. The need is to evaluate whether the existing process is already halal whereas consumers are unaware of it. In case it is considered as halal, then the information needs to be disseminated to the consumers.

In a nutshell, the logistics players who want to venture into the new area as well as sustaining in the market are recommended to offer halal logistics services. This is to capture the new demand from the consumers towards the halal products that goes along the halal logistics in ensuring that only halal products with halal logistics will be accepted by the consumers worldwide. Currently, the concept of halal logistics which has been implemented by existing logistics players has increased the attention of the consumers especially from the Middle Eastern countries.

Due to the reason, it is has been suggested to the logistics providers to invest more in the halal logistics as it is a worthwhile investment. Therefore, it is recommended that proper strategies for the halal logistics need to be developed for use by the global halal industry.

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